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The Los Angeles Mission is a non-profit homeless shelter serving the hungry and homeless of Downtown's Hope Central (historically referred to as Skid Row) for over 70 years.

Archive for June 2006

The free communication of ideas is an essential component of our democracy. That “free speech” has been an integral part of the success of our country and the freedom to worship as one wishes. But speech requires listeners, and we can usually find one or two people to listen to us…or, for that matter, suggest we’re boring them and walk away. For a wider audience, the computer’s internet has proven to open up exponentially larger communication channels than were ever thought possible (if an occasional “Letter to the Editor” in the local paper is never published). One of the “tools” for communicating through the internet is a relatively new concept called a “Blog.” These “Blog” formats offer opportunities for people to express comments, share an inspirational idea, or simply be either expressions of free speech or questions to stir up a discussion. The Los Angeles Mission now offers its first “Blog” opportunity. We hope it will inspire, involve and invigorate.